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The Gingernut Ranger is a Rhode Island Red crossed with a Light Sussex. They have a deep breast, neatly tucked wings and an upward pointing tail. The legs are featherless and are pale yellow. They have 4 toes. The comb is a medium size and the face is smooth and red with medium wattles and earlobes.


The Gingernut Ranger is a prolific egg layer and lays large brown eggs. They are placid, friendly and inquisitive. They are also exceptionally easy to tame and will follow you around when you are in the garden. They are hardy birds who are very happy free ranging and love to forage. They make excellent pets for children due to their gentle nature and friendliness.


The plumage of the Gingernut Ranger is rich red with either black or white tail feathers

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Gingernut Ranger - Point Of Lay Hen - Lohmann

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Description: Great layers-young birds, last few left now!

Gingernut Ranger - Point Of Lay Hen - Columbian Blacktail

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Description: Lovely Gingernut Rangers for sale they are fully vaccinated and wormed. Really friendly birds and great layers-hundreds a year!

Point of lay, fully vaccinated hybrid hens

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Description: We sell a variety of POL hens, prices start from £13.50 for a 16 week old fully vaccinated bird. We also sell the Eglu Go and Go UP, plus all the necessary chicken accessories for red mite etc, so if you would like to view, please give us a call. Visits are by appointment only. Call 07963 013597 or visit out website for further details.

Columbian Blacktail - Gingernut Ranger Hybrid hen

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Description: Blacktails are a hybrid derived from the Rhode Island Red and Light Sussex breeds. They lay a large light brown egg. Blacktails are also know as Columbian Blacktails (The Columbian reference comes from the darker feathering that they sometimes have around their necks), they are also sold as British Blacktails, Gingernut Rangers & Red Rangers. Blacktails lay a brown medium to large egg (63 grams average) and they start to lay at around 21 weeks old. In carefully managed conditions thay can lay 280 – 300 eggs per year. Compared to other Hybrids they are a medium weight bird typically reaching about 2.2kg by 72 weeks. Blacktails supplied from the Poultry Paddock come from vaccinated parent stocks that are regularly tested for samonella to comply with European Regulation (EC) No 2160/2003. They also go through a vaccination programme over a 14 week period to protect them from Marek, multiple strains of Infectious Bronchitis (IB), Newcastle disease and infectious bursal disease (IBD).

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Fantastic bird - Amy, 15 July 2015

Perfect for beginners, super friendly, great with kids, great layers, wonderful

- Lisa, 13 January 2014

I have a mixed flock and my ginger ninjas are by far the cheekiest and friendliest of all my girls. Theyll follow me round the garden and are always trying to get into the kitchen. They enjoy being picked up and will happily jump on the chairs with us when were sat outside. They lay every day even in freezing weather. These were the first chooks I bought and theyre the ones that got me hooked

Like a dream only with with more feathers - Lulu, 19 October 2013

The gingernut ranger is a hardy bird and is the most tactile breed in my experience . These friendly poultry make an eye catching addition to the flock.It is very unlikely if these fantastic birds are not at the very top of the pecking order as they are very good at putting the others in their place . The ginger ninjas (as I like to call them ) are extremely tolerant whilst handled although tent to flap if not handled properly . In all , the gingernut ranger is a hardy , easy to train , cuddly , intelligent and most of all confident bird and I would certainly recommend this breed for beginners !

Love them! - Pippa, 11 June 2013

Doris arrived this morning with her Miss Pepperpot friend, Molly. After the lovely Omlet delivery man had set up their Eglu the girls settled straight in, ignoring two very excited dogs, and Doris has already produced her first egg. I'm absolutely delighted with both hens.

Clean well behaved birds great pets - Coco, 12 April 2013

i have two of this breed along with a miss pepperpot Goldy and Toffee my two gingernut rangers are very tame and obedient they trust me and have lovely plumages their deep ginger colour looks incredible in the summer and lights up the garden n the winter personally i dont have a favourite between the two breeds, i think that they are a very good and easy pet to look after i am personally a teenager and i find it east to look after them and clean them out.

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