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Lovely hen - Charlotte, Middx,

We started with 3 hens and now only have the one left. She is at least 11 this year and randomly lays an egg very so often although we do not eat them anymore as not usually that good. She rules the garden and keeps the dog in check, if you open the back door she is in the house having a nose around. Very friendly and a real character! Would recommend the breed to anyone but be prepared they are not a short term pet by any means. She has been on her own now for about 5 years and still looks as healthy as when we first got her!!! 2

My best hen. - Juliet, Middx,

Fabulous hen - ours has grown into a large sturdy hen, she lays 6-7 large brown eggs a week. She is a confident and inquisitive girl who quietly but firmly keeps the others in their place. She is partial to a little treat of grain and enjoys free-ranging and foraging in the garden. 2

Perfect - Any, Middx,

I love it! They lay me one egg every day, always large and sometimes double yolkers. She is friendly quiet happy to be handled , loving and the perfect family pet garden hen! Get one 2

Excellent - David, Middx,

I am staggered by egg production. All 5 lay an egg a day and did throughout our long cold winter 12/13. Our only problem is their morning egg song. Very loud for about an hour. Its lovely but 6am in May - i have not had any complaints yet but will wait and see. 2

An amazing pet - Joccoaa, Middx,

m=My miss pepperpot Hoppy lights up the garden when shes there and is friendly i found that its all about gaining trust with your chickens she is two years old now and still laying fresh eggs everyday. They are great pets for kids, i am a teenager and i look after my three chckens i find them easy to clean and fun to be around. 2

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