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Fab little chickens. -

I now breed Serama as they are super little birds and hatch in so many colours. I love the silkied variety the most. I don't let mine free-range due to overhead predators etc and they are happy in their large purpose-built run. If there is room, cockerels can live happily together. The eggs may be small, but they are great in salads etc.

The smallest sweetest chickens in the world :) -

These chickens arnt very hardy when it comes to winter but the are soo cute. seramas are the smallest chickens in the world so they are fantastic for your garden they also lay all year round which makes them even better!! They come in lots of different colours and even related seramas can lay different coloured eggs

Lovely little Birds -

I have four Seramas at the moment and am hoping to hatch some more . These little birds are lovely, so cute and very friendly. The cockerel is a very proud little fellow with quite a quiet crow. They come to meet me and make a very sweet trilling noise when I come near to them- they dont eat much and are nice little birds- I do keep mine indoors in the winter .

Serama - An Omleteer,

These are the prettiest little chickens. They come in all colours and are very sweet little characters. Love to be held and like people company. Even the boys are friendly. They are so easy to keep and take up no room and don't forever have to be cleaned as they don't produce as much poop as the big 'uns! No damage to the garden although they do need protection when it gets cold. I would recommend them, especially if you have kids.

Serama bantams are cute -

We have one Serama bantam. She is an excellent pet and walks around like a little clockwork hen. She's very pretty and holds her tail feathers up very well. She does not damage the garden with her scratching. They lay small eggs which are ideal for children. However, they are natural bantams which means they only lay from the spring equinox to the autumn equinox. When they do lay it tends to be every other day. Our hen is very friendly with other hens and has acted in a maternal way to other hens. She's good at coming for a feed of corn from the hand. She makes lovely trilling noises when dangerous aircraft go over (you never know - they just might eat you!). I would have Serama bantams any day.

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