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I love my Campine -

I have so at school for our FFA program and they are friendly and fast learners -

My golden campine has just died -

I bought 3 cream legbars in the summer for their blue eggs. I wanted 4 but the farm only had 3 so I made up numbers with a very feisty Golden Campine. She, Kylie, was much smaller than the legbars and the first few days was mercilessly bullied. My husband gave her special treats and the others seemed to realise that to be around her meant some very good grub. Like your other reviewers' Campines, she quickly became the leader of the pack and a huge personality. Kylie by name, Kylie by nature. All 4 chickens started to moult about 6 weeks ago and she soon became very poorly, losing appetite and crouching in corners. I took her to the vet who said that the moult had made her susceptible to infection and she had caught a virus. He gave her a shot of antibiotics and a big syringe of food directly into her crop. He gave me a course of antibiotic tablets to give one a day which I did. I also fed her by hand live mealworms and porridge. She started to put on weight and after a week or so when I put her out with the other chickens she was feeding and drinking but then going quietly into a corner of the garden. She seemed to be getting better and putting on weight but yesterday I found her dead behind a tree in the garden. I'm still not sure why she died as she seemed to be getting better. We will all miss her.

Independent and inquisitive -

We only read the reviews on this site after we bought our golden campine hen to add to a new mixed flock ... and we began to worry about how we would cope with her, even though we have kept chickens for over 20 years! She started off at the bottom of the pecking order - no doubt partly due to most of the other birds being bigger than her - but she has amazing survival instincts. She is a smash and grab specialist and has no trouble stealing titbits from the beaks of other hens and dashing out of the way with her ill-gotten gains. Yes! she is independent and always the one to end up on the wrong side of the fence or where she shouldnt be! But she is also the friendliest of our hens (which are all hand-tame) and trots along at our heels talking away whenever we are out in our very large garden with the birds. This bird just oozes character but is definitely not a breed to be kept in a confined space. She might be small but she can scale bushes and clear a 3m high fence with ease - even with clipped wings! We love her to bits and are so pleased we bought her.

A really lovely chicken -

We had some gold campines and one silver campine and sadly lost one gold and the silver to the fox, hence why I'm on here trying to find if any are for sale. They are very pretty chickens and very friendly. They live in a free range flock of about 5 different breeds, varying from big barred plymouth rocks down to bantam ancona and pekins. One of the gold campines got bullied at one point but that resolved itself and the others have all got on well. They roam as far as they want to over about 3 acres and I suspect this free range lifestyle probably suits them.

Stunningly beautiful but antisocial -

I've just had to rehome my Golden Campine pullet as she beat up my Araucana 17 times per hour, flew on top of the shed, dug up the lawn, and vandalised the henhouse. She was unbelievably intelligent, strong and wild. She was a fantastic hunter and at 18 weeks could catch a wasp and eat it without getting stung. She could fly like a pigeon, would scream when caught, and was naughtier than Rod Hull's Emu. I was proud of my wonderful chicken, with her ultra-manic bird behaviour, but there was no way a personality like this could stay in my run and small garden. Maybe she was a "one-off" but if all Campines are like her, I'd only recommend them to experienced chicken keepers for show, and would keep them well away from smaller and more docile breeds. She now enjoys lots more space at a farm museum, with a Golden Campine cockerel who is just like her. (She has met her match!)

best in flock -

I have a mixed flock in New Zealand, so hard to say how hardy my birds are as I live in the sub-tropical part. However, in terms of friendliness, character and general charm my Silver Campines win hands down the other breeds I have (Plymouth Barred Rock, Light Sussex, Silver Dorking Cross, Leghorn Cross, Shaver and Barnevelder.) There's something about them that makes them more interactive somehow; very talkative, very friendly (to the point of jumping on your lap whenever possible) and very smart, for a chicken. They are very inquisitive however and always the leaders of the gang trying to get into the veg patch or through the kitchen window. Great pets though and huge eggs for their size, like small goose eggs.

great birds -

My campines are attractive birds and are very friendly, they are hardy and cope well in a mixed flock.

Great little character -

We have a gold Campine (not shown in Omlet pictures, but lovely looking bird), and she is very friendly, with loads of character. Definitely the leader of our little flock, she is generally the one that escapes or gets into mischief as she seems very bright for a chicken, but that's all part of the charm! Lays medium sized, pure white eggs - reasonable numbers (except in winter) for a pure breed, obviously lower than a hybrid. Never goes broody. Highly recommended!

Nice chickens -

These birds are NOT tame and are very flighty and skittish however, they produce a large number of white eggs.

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