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Love these :) - Shropshire,

Really pretty birds and never aggressive. Good with children. Medium to small and always active. Ours lay all year round even in the winter!

Our Cream legbar -

we hatched one out of our first hatch we ever did. She went broody and had a successful hatch. When her babies had grown up, she started trying to make cockerel noises. We never found out what her problem was but she was sold fairly quick!

Good utility birds with plenty of charachter. - Monmouthshire,

These are really nice birds. They lay a decent number of blue eggs each year, and look great. They can be a little flighty so are not the best chickens if you want to cuddle something. It is important that you go for legbars which meet the standards, they sould have cream not gold neck hackles and the legs should be yellow.

je trouve cette poule original et j aime -

A harry blue egg layer with lots of charachter. -


Legbars -

I bought 2 trios as chicks. I lost 1 trio to a predator problem I no longer have. So the other trio grew into beautiful birds that lay daily, their beautiful blue eggs. I have now hatched out several young ones. Mostly pullets. They are the sweetest chicks as I handle all my chicks a lot for the first 3 weeks daily. I raised horses most of my life and imprinted all my foals successfully. Approx 27 foals a year. So now I imprint my chicks. Works out well since I do a lot of free ranging and I can call and all my chickens that are free ranging will come running to me. Looks like a stampede because there are about 60 of them that run loose during the day on about a 3 acre pasture. We have a large farm, but this is their free range area. I have a blue heeled and he keeps a very close eye on them, as well as a lab sheppard mix that also works with him. I am pleased with my birds, the legbars are one of my favorite breeds. I also raise several other breeds. Blue copper marans, blue and splash cochins, barred rocks, americanas, and just started with some black giants I got in a trade that are a young pair about 6 months old. I have no complaints with any of my breeds. They fair well in winter, but they all have nice housing. Also just bought some light brahmas, because I only had one hen and I just love her. So I bought 16 chicks who have just graduated to the outdoors a week ago. But I must say the creme legbars have been great. Of course I have never had any of my hens stop laying. But of course oldest ones I have are about 3. My first ones about 6 of them are 4 and lay almost everyday. I keep a light on certain hours in the winter, so mine lay year round. The heat has slowed the laying down a little this last month. But I provide about 20 do to a local gym for their customers and they depend on them. Good luck to everyone with their chickens. I love mine and only use them for eggs. When their done laying they will live out their life retired here on the farm. They will have an easy life free ranging.

Best breed! -

I have 5 breeds and all have great characteristics but far and away the best are the Cream Legbars. They lay medium sized blue eggs reliably, are friendly to people, forage well for themselves (and are thus easy keepers). Mine continued laying until age 3 then stopped. I highly recommend them. As an added plus the rooster (who was just the dearest bird!) produced 80% female chicks with 70-90% fertility. They have been a great investment.

good egg layers the first year, then zilch -

I got my first cream legbar in 2013. She started to lay at about 25 weeks and only laid 6 very small, tiny, green eggs, Half of them had no shell and they were always on the ground, never in the nest box. Then she stopped laying. She was easily only of the stupidest hens I have had. I then replaced her with 2 chicks and also 2 pale blue eggs to hatch. The 2 chicks started to lay blue eggs at about 22 weeks, They laid medium sized eggs for a few months before stopping altogether. One of them frequently had very thin shelled eggs that were often broken in the nest despite getting oyster shells in their diet. The pale blue eggs hatched into nice hens who laid green eggs. Their eggs were large to ex-large and consistantly laid 4-5 a week for a year. Then they both stopped laying to moult in July and it is now the end of March and they haven't laid a single egg in about 9 months. My other (non cream legbar) hens are all moulted and are laying well with no problems. Seems the cream legbars lay for only a short period of time. Non have been flighty, but they are not the friendliest of the hens either, despite being handled frequently as chicks. They have been low in the pecking order as well. Not sure if I will try them again since their egg production time is short.

New bird to flock -

I purchased my young (not sure of age) Cream legbar a few days ago, she seems very timid and is staying well out of arms length. I also purchased a black copper at the same time who is very friendly and easy to handle. I am a little worried about the reviews saying they can be flighty, as I have them in an open run during the day, which was always fine with my previous girls. Her wings are clipped but she still seems to get out if startled. On the plus side she is getting on well with my old hen who just seems to ignore her.

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