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nice little bird -

Its a great little bird.

nice little bird -

Silver Dutch Bantams -

These friendly little birds are perfect for first time chicken keepers and are very chatty. I have a trio myself and love watching them in their pen (in summer) but they are not the hardiest breed so I would advise putting them somewhere sheltered during a harsh winter. BEWARE: The cockerel is very defensive of his girls and will peck at you, the previous owner of the 2 girls I have currently, gave away her cockerel because he was 'too vicious' in my opinion the cockerels are not vicious they are just defensive. If you have enough time let them out in the garden and let them approch you and soon they will become far from the flighty little birds they once were. If you are thinking of breeding please can i ask to NOT cross-breed them because it is very hard as it is to find this pure breed. I myself had to travel for miles to finally buy a cockerel. Hope this has helped.

good birds -

These birds are not good egg layers (they stop through winter) and they are also a bit flighty. I would class these as an exhibiton bird. But when the hen starts getting broody the cockerel will jump up at you and go for you.

little birds with big character -

My millifleur dutch bantam is most beautiful to look at and she knows it! She walks like a true lady with her head held high and acts like one. Laying egg is for common chicken so to this day she has never bother to do it(much to the disappointment of her owner). she is no. 2 in my flock despite her size since she knows how to demonstrate her authority- even other chickens towering over her give way to her. She takes a stroll in the garden but hard scratching and frightening over food is something completely unthinkable for a highborn chicken. I think she would have appreciate an expensive fur coat in the winter, I saw her sticking her head under my big chicken's petticoat for warmth(very comical to see but she is smart to learn to do this!). As a breed who originated from tropics and due to their small size, they will not take a hard winter well. Fantastic chicken for pets and small garden. But beware because of small size they will make easier prey to cats and hawks/harriers( I have these in my area).

Great Bird!!! - An Omleteer,

These are great birds and quite friendly, they eat little and lay beautiful little white eggs. Very characteristic and don't get bullied by other chickens easily. They love to roost in trees and a great crower.

Fantastic little birds -

Because of their small size, they don't tend to inflict much damage in the garden - seed trays need protecting as do pots (I generally use medium-size pebbles). The benefits to the garden definitely outweigh the disadvantages. As pets they are very friendly and companiable, the only disadvantage seems to be their tendency to lay their eggs anywhere but the nesting box, but I think a few well-placed ceramic eggs may well solve the problem.

Beautiful but not great layers -

We have two hens and a cockerel and we chose them because they are absolutely beautiful to look at. They are really small with very sweet big feathered feet and are a lovely silvery colour. However, if you are looking for good layers, these wouldn't be the best hens to choose! Their eggs are about half size and they don't lay that many of them. They are also a little bit anxious and flighty.

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