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- Sajjeevkumar,

j aime beaucoup cette poule et tres belle - Coco,

Wonderful Rooster - Ian,

I have a Rooster of this variety. He guards our chickens well, He is very flighty and I think to be honest probably doesn't even like me, but he does his job so damn well I don't care. He is very attentive, in fact he will eat last so he can keep an eye while the hens eat there food. He is always looking for feed for them and then calling the hens to let them know where it is and then while they feed he will get on a high place and look for predators. We have quite a few around here and in the past year since he arrived have not lost a single chicken.

Beautiful but Noisy Bird - Keiko,

I have only had one Lakenvelder. She is a striking bird to look at and despite being called a poor layer has produced eggs with equal consistency to my Easter Egger. The eggs are about 5g smaller than the other chickens. She is an active forager and will eat bugs out of my hand, not at all scared of humans but not fond of being handled either. She does occasionally get stressed at egg time and run around acting flighty. She also tends to be loud, crowing and barking in the early morning when she wants out or cannot find her friend in the garden. Probably a better bird for a country flock with more space. She is excellent at avoiding predators, especially hawks.

Three lady Lakenvelders - Dorothy,

Only had the three lady Lakenvelders for two weeks, and they have settled in with our other bantams very quickly, and were exploring our garden on the second day. Prefer to be outside (even in the rain), and retire later than the other birds.Easy to keep, but do tend to like scratching the garden borders. One bird has laid eight eggs under a prickly Piracantha bush. Perhaps they prefer to lay outside rather than in the nest box in their Ark. Have sent photo's via seperate e-mail to

Worthy addition - Piers,

Our Lakenvelders are smart, adaptable, nervy and very alert. They are excellent flyers - 3m vertical lift from a standstill and a 10m+ glide from a fencepost - and this needs to be borne in mind when planning housing. We don't attempt to contain ours; they free-range widely over 10 acres, but always come back to their coop as soon as the light begins to fade. Would like to swap either a pullet or two or a cockerel fort similar from another breed line.

- Teresa,

Have no eggs yet...she is young but she is in with three brahma hens and three silkies along with a brahma cockerel and blackrock..... She is flighty but gets on well with all the others and has a very different sound.....

A good breed for the right person - An Omleteer,

Lakenvelder are my favorite breed, they are friendly, flighty & easily spooked, they lay a good amount of eggs neither being poor or wonderful at laying, they tend to be a nice "guard dog" type bird in the flock... Always being the first to let you know if something is wrong. They are not loud & if handled from a young age bond to one (1) as in only one person & can be very nice pets for that person, being very flighty around all others to the point of panic. They are not the hardiest but not weak, if your coop is draft free & dry & the birds kept warm enough they will do fine, but Lakenvelders tend to deal with heat better then cold, keeping lots of bedding in the coop or a heat light in winter is a should do for this breed. They are a wacky breed of Chicken, They tend to be either very clever or idiots with very little shades of gray in between. All in all Lakenvelders are not for most people, but for those that like them they are a favorite breed. I would not buy them unless you already have kept Chickens before. They enjoy roosting high in the coop & can fly better then most breeds. The down side of Lakenvelders is there are not many colors, they don't have a lot of meat on their bones, they lay okay, but are not the best layers & they take time to earn their trust. If you enjoy your birds for more then meat & eggs then you may enjoy this breed.

The alpha wolf - Clement,

The lakenvelder was the alpha of my flock, she kept all the other hens i line and was very strict with the lower ranking ones. certainly a "wild bird" she is hard to catch and the best i could get was to hand feed her worms. Overall, id say the lakenvelder is a medium difficulty bird.

A excitable and interesting breed - Bella,

I have owned a wide range of chickens from frizzles to australorps and i know a lot about showing chickens but never have i seen a breed as different as a lakenvelder. They are flighty and wild yet have a good temperament, they lay lots of eggs which is good and they are extremely clever i wouldn't recommend for beginners.