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- Sakil,

Can any one help me identify my chicken breed I own a chicken which is nacked necked it has a crest on its head the chick it hatched had feathers on its leg it is not a good layer its body is short feathers are cream colours most of the chick she hatched over her lifetime didn't have nacked neck. My country is India.

Looks aren't everything. - Wayne, Cornwall,

Personally, never liked naked necks, due to their looks... My son has won me over after he purchased two chicks from a local poultry shop. As they grew older, so did my liking for them. Probably the most timid birds we have. They grew twice as fast as the chicks we had same age, and they do grow big ! The cockerel is now 5 months old and huge, almost twice the size of the hen. Both hen and cockerel are very dosile and (when they want to) can be easily caught and handled. Fortunately he has a cock and hen, so hopefully be breeding some in the spring. So from a bird I originally thought was ugly and not right, they have definitely gone up the list of must have Chickens.

real name - Ovi_Ineu,

The real name is "Naked Neck From Transilvania" ans original country is Romania

Great Birds - Seth,

I love my Turkens. I do lots of school poultry presentations and they win every crowd with their hilarious apperance.

Surprised - Ian,

I live at 1500 feet and get a lot of rain and snow so was concerned that they would not do well here. The supplier pointed out that they were 'not daft' and so long as shelter was available they would use it! As it turns out they are very happy and lay well. They choose to stay in or go out and both females have produced large broods. Ian

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