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Large fowl not easy to find. Bantams becoming more popular. Newly re-founded Autosexing Breeders Association can be enormously helpful and put people in touch. Lovely friendly and gentle little souls. You can order pullets 100% sex guaranteed at hatch.


Got fed up with temperament of Welsummer Bantam Cockerels and ran a Welbar Bantam Cockerel - sadly first back-cross only gives you pure Welbar Pullets and the Cockerels are X-Bred. Pullet temperament follows sire, though, what little sweeties!!!!


Nice friendly bantams that are extremely hardy. Cannot understand why they aren't more popular.

I like it - An Omleteer,

This is a very good chicken I would like to buy.

Lovey Non Agressive Birds - An Omleteer,

I started keeping Welbars last year (2008). These birds are rare and having got welsummers already thought it would be nice to help this similar breed along. The hens are a paler version of the welsummer but slightly more stocky and lay similar eggs.The cockrels are totally different from the welsummer, but equally as stunning. Also the males are very placid even with each other if they have been together since hatch. It would be nice if people bred more of these lovely birds.

Lovely birds to keep very attractive. - An Omleteer,

Overall these birds lay well. The eggs are the same as the welsummer. The cockrels are really lovely,not agressive at all and tend not to fight if they have been reared together and kept together throughout. The female looks like a paler version of the welsummer hen but slightly stockier in build.The cockrel on the other hand is totally different but just as attractive with a lovely spangled look. They are extremely rare and its hard to find new blood lines but with the autosexing ability, rearing all those unwanted cockrels is a thing of the passed.