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Georgeous looking birds. - Emma,

I have had welsummers (both red duckwing, otherwise known as partridge and silver duckwing) for the past 2 years. I have also recently started breeding the former. In my experience, both male and female of this breed are among the most stunning for appearance and if you get a good strain, the egg colour is an amazing red/brown colour - quite unique! They lay extremely well from Jan to Sept with eggs being quite large. The cockerels seem to be more friendly than the hens and they don't particularly like cold/wet weather (mine stay in their coop if it's too cold outside!). I've heard they this breed can be flighty but I haven't had this issue unlike the cream legbars! Overall, if you can balance out the lack of autumn eggs with a good winter laying breed or a hybrid, than they are well worth having.

Beautiful Birds - Vicky,

Welsummers were my 'starter' birds and I now have a flock of 8, 2 of which I hatched in an incubator. They eat absolutely anything (apart from meat of course) and run flat out down the garden whenever they hear the patio door open! Very funny birds to watch. The cockerel is magnificent in his stature and colour. They don;t like to be handled, but these are chickens - not pets, so you shouldn't really pick them up as it stresses them out. Egg production is hit and miss with my flock; average 4 a week per bird in summer and spring, sometimes nothing for weeks and weeks in winter :(

Love them - Becky,

We have Welsummers, Buff Orpingtons, Bantam Bearded Silkies and Golden and Rusted Crested Marans. Our Welsummers are very intelligent, beautiful and their best friend is my Potbellied pig Tally. They eat right out of our hands and they are very cuddly. We have had them for a year now and they continue to amaze us with their learning processes. They are not aggressive towards even our smallest Bantams and are quite friendly with our goose and duck. They are free range as we live on 2 acres. They go into the coop at night and usually pile onto 1 nest together. They enjoy heights and we make sure to clip their wings twice a year, very easy to do takes less than a minute for each bird, at NO pain to them. We are dif. going to get more Welsummers as we have all hens and want to get more hens. Their favorite food is dried meal worms! If you get Welsummers you will love them. They look like little hawks when they raise their neck feathers and they constantly look like they are thinking.

Smart looker - Marian,

A truly handsome chicken, beautiful dark brown eggs, but the couple I've got are not very friendly and panic if I try and pick them up. Worth keeping for appearance, and size and colour of eggs which average out at about 4 a week in full lay.

Lovely bird but VERY loud voice! - Susanne,

We have one hen who is at the bottom of the pecking order of our little flock of 4, so she is very flighty and skittish, can't get anywhere near her and even at night she'll scream blue murder if someone tries to sneak a quick cuddle! She screeches for about 30-40 minutes every morning to tell everyone where she lives and then is quiet for the rest of the day unless something spooks her. She lays huge eggs for her size and because of this they often take 2 days to "put together". She gets very stressed if she cannot have the coop to herself while laying and will run in and out for as long as the other bird is sitting in the nest box! She is a beautiful and elegant bird who can outrun all the others easily and seems to actually enjoy running as she frequently does it without any provocation. Apart from the hideous, loud voice the only drawback of this little bird is that she eats all the flowers!!

- Jayme,

I really like the Welsummers my wife and I have! They are beautiful and productive, lay large and larger eggs. Our ROOSTER was absolutely beautiful but became aggressive. The hens, however, are very sweet, one even sings while on the nest to lay an egg! I would get this breed again.

Overall brilliant birds - Connor,

I have 2 myself, they're so beautiful, they lay the most amazing eggs you will ever see, and eat, with such a strong yolk. Mine are not as tame as my other chickens, but they don't mind coming to me and trying to eat my food, don't rush these birds, they will learn in time. Egg production is pretty good, I have only missed a few of the days in the 2 months they have been laying. They are friendly to the garden, but will try having a peck at everything and seeing what they like. Extremely hardy, just got a foot of snow in a night, and they aren't affected by it at all.

first egg - Daniella,


Welsummer - Mandy,

My 3 Welsummers are entertaining. I have had them from 5 weeks old so have tamed them a bit, they eat out of my hand. They tolerate being picked up and stroked, one of them quite enjoys a fuss but not the other two. They have emptied two flower troughs enjoying dust baths in them! I have fenced my vegetable patch off now - they enjoyed my potato leaves.

welsummer - Kieran,

I have 4 warran's mixed with welsummer chicks and they are LUSH so cute they have amazing colours which are ginger brown, light brown, dark brown and yellow so cute.

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