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My welsummer is beautiful, friendly, fiesty, lays amazing eggs and is possibly the most kind to my garden (the other chickens have completely destroyed it).

Welsummer - Pat,

Beautiful birds! There is just something about them that has me hooked!

12 weeks old - Debbie,

I got my first 2 welsummer chucks yesterday and they are so cute, I got them together with 2 cuckoo marans. The breeder showed us the eggs we can expect from them, and they are beautiful dark(almost mahoganny brown). I am so looking forward to them laying their 1st eggs.

Attractive Birds - Debbie,

I got a pair of hens some months ago. They have lovely markings and are ok with my other hens of different breeds. They lay well. Downside - They are not easily tamed!! Unlike my warrens and rhode island reds they do not like to be picked up or stroked. They will come to you for food but will not socialise with you and will not eat out pof your hand. I still however would not be without my welsummers.

Lovely Birds - Sarah,

Brilliant breed. They are kind natured and lay wonderful dark eggs. Please note though, these birds DO NOT tame very easily. They may eat from your hand occasionally and some as an exception may allow you to handle them, but most will never truly be tamed.

Eggscellent - Pete,

Got my hens a week ago having never kept birds before. Egg production excellent - both hens have laid an egg each day from day 1 (and they taste amazing). Nice & big and just what I hoped for. The hens are not as attractive as other breeds - polands are probably my favorite looking breed but the quality and quantity of eggs is what made me pick the Welsummer and I'm so glad I did. They have a really good temperament, follow me round the garden, lay in their house so collection is easy and put themselves to bed at the end of the day. Who can ask for more? Quite cute in their own way. Love them to bits

Beautiful colours - Michael,

These are beautiful colorful birds, with a all right egg production ( but not as good as Sussex ).

A good all round traditional breed - Carrie,

I have twenty two Welsummers, mostly Golden partridge. I do have three silver duckwing, and four red. (L/F & Bantams) They are lovely to own, although two out of the three cockerels are extremely 'vocal', Ollie, (bless) sometimes starts crowing at 3am! I purchased mine last April when they were ten weeks old. They are strong birds and grew very quickly. although mine did not start laying until they were at least eight months old. Of course that was the start of a very wet Autumn. Even though conditions have not been good I am very pleased with the egg production from the eighteen girls, so far a good dozen a day! Large eggs too! We are lucky to have large hen houses and runs, I would worry about them damaging their soft feathers if they were confined in a small area. Ours 'free range' in batches - they love being out and do an excellent job at 'weed control' in the garden. I think they are an excellent starter breed. They are strong, hardy and friendly, and look beautiful. Also, if you have the space, you can keep a couple of cockerels together - useful.

A great hen for the garden - An Omleteer,

A friendly and reliable layer, lays large brown speckled eggs.

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