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Stunning bird! - Kirsty,

I've just had to make the tough decision to have my 6.5 year old Black Croad Langshan put to sleep. She has been a wonderful gentle natured giant and this is the first time she has been ill in all that time. I would thoroughly recommend the breed to anyone. My girl didn't lay an awful lot of eggs and did go broody quite often, but was a great little chicken.

Just learning about the breed - Jaime,

I got 5 blue Langshan from Tractor Supply. 2 roosters and 3 hens. They are awesome. Laying now. Huge eggs. I ordered an incubator . I want to promote and help promote the breed in Kansas.

A Wonderful chicken to own - Satrfire,

they get quite large, thier super friendly, and great mothers for chickies, they lay brown eggs , and easy keepers, they are super friendly to new chickies , harty growers, and disease free, love these birds best ever

little Jim - James,

Amazing love them should buy them

White Croad Langshan - Teresa,

My White Croad Langshan is laying purple eggs!! They are unlike anything I have seen. She came from a hatchery in Ohio. Looking for the Cockral to breed my own. I have seen some lay plum colored eggs and some laying brown eggs. Mine are lilac/purple colored. My hen is one of the best hens I have ever owned in 43yrs.

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