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The first Pekins are said to have been stolen from a private collection held by the emperor of China in Peking around 1860. Another story states they were imported from China around 1830-1840 and were presented to Queen Victoria. These imported birds were then crossed with other breeds and are now know today as Pekin Bantams.


The Pekin is a very gentle bird. They are good layers of small eggs but are broody, making them great mums. They make excellent pets for children as they are tame. They settle very well and require little space. Pekins can look rather pale and anaemic if not allowed on grass to forage. They tend not to scratch around in flower beds so are good birds to keep in an urban garden. They are normally a robust and long-lived bird that loves company.


Pekins are a very popular breed here in the UK. They are available in a whole range of colours. Lavender, blue, silver partridge, red partridge, blue mottled, Columbian, cuckoo, mottled, buff, black, white and wheaten. With all their feathers they actually look larger than they really are. All colours have short legs and feathered feet and toes.

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Pekin Bantam - Point Of Lay Hen - Various

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Description: Stunning pekin bantams available. Many colours available - the group in the photo are Silver Partridge. Just come along and pick your birds from the selection on offer. Make lovely childrens pets The photo's are of our own birds and not just the Omlett standard photo's. Lovely friendly birds, vaccinated against Mareks and IB. Located in Newdigate, between Dorking in Surrey and Gatwick airport.

Pekin Bantam - Pullet - various

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Description: We have for sale some lovely fluffy pekins for sale in various colours. These are all in tip top condition and now in full lay. We are in most days just call or message first, or visit our website at PLEASE CONTACT BEFORE MAKING PAYMENT REGARDING STOCK.

Blue Pekin bantam pullet

  • Breed: Pekin Bantam
  • Age: 15 Weeks
  • Seller: Valatcam
  • Seller Rating: No reviews yet
  • Location: Camberley Show on a map
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Description: This girl is pretty, tame, healthy, nice tempered and needs a new home. She has two equally beautiful sisters, and the three would make an ideal little gang for your garden, garden friendly, busy and cheerful. Each pullet is £11.50, or you can make a very near offer for the three.

Handsome Pekin Bantam Cockerel

  • Breed: Pekin Bantam
  • Age: 11 Weeks
  • Seller: Amanda Vokes
  • Seller Rating: No reviews yet
  • Location: Tunbridge Wells Show on a map

Description: One of our two handsome boys. We either move to a house in the country or find a home for Sooty. We've decided to re-home Sooty. I have pullets available (also 9 wks) and can sell a pullet (£35) and give Sooty away FREE if you're looking for a breeding pair.

Blue Pekin bantam pullet

  • Breed: Pekin Bantam
  • Age: 16 Weeks
  • Seller: Valatcam
  • Seller Rating: No reviews yet
  • Location: Camberley Show on a map
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Description: This pretty girl is tame, and well grown, healthy, and needs a new and loving home. She is eat-out-of-your hand friendly so can only get better.


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Description: These delightful little bundles of feathers make great pets for children. They will reward you with a steady supply of eggs throughout the spring and summer months for all the affection that you will give them. We have a variety of ages and 15 different colurs to choose from. Please contact us for availability, we normally have a hundred or so sexed birds available most of the time. See website for pictures and other breeds

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- Ryan, 22 April 2015


Good pets - Baronet, 5 March 2015

I have a trio of mixed shades of white,Brought six over from UK to Latvia when I retired just to have them in an extra large garden to grace the sweeping lawns to my villa. I then lost two to a loose and ugly dog. Now having great problems trying to build them up into a steady flock. No one over here has any idea of adoring them.Not one have I seen in four years. I now have a Dutch breeder who sells at shows in Germay and Holland. I do so hope to be able to buy his show winners and start the only Pekin/Cochin breeders sales on this side of the world as England has no idea where the hell we are I cant deal with them. Pity really as the desire to have a flock of these lovely balls of feather is burning us up. Wonderful for you all but in fact the hardest job of searching ever done in my life trying to find a supplier or breeder this side of the ocean,

Family - Schirstan, 31 October 2014

I have only recently had Pekin bantams , and the three I had have been bought up by a white Sussex hen!! Now the family is really lovely and so full of character. Love our company and sitting on our laps as well as cuddles. I was lucky to have a friend who gave me the bantam eggs for Millie to sit on when broody, oh what a lovely family.

Sweet and easy. - Lucy, 10 June 2014

I have only one Pekin, who was rescued by a friend of mine. She is a real character and fitted in fairly quickly with my other bantams. She is broody quite a lot in Summer but she also mothers the other chickens and chats away all the time. She enjoys being carried and stroked and is actually quite clever. Contrary to most information I have read, she has always laid quite a lot of eggs, though they are small, and is still laying well at 3/4 years old. She manages OK in our long grass despite her feathery feet, though they do get a bit bedraggled.

i love them - Aimee, 2 June 2014

i think Pekin bantams are fun they are hardly aggressive to anyone and love a cuddle

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