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cool -



I had 3 Rhode Island Red hens I had to get rid of because of aggressiveness. They were great egg layers but not compatible with the rest of my hens. Think I'll stray clear of this breed from now on.

great chicken -

I had a rooster when I was raising my chickens as I lived in the country, and if I left the back door open he can looking for me. I could lay my hand on his back and he'd squat to the ground and let me pick him up. Friendly too.

A fabulous chicken -

I've had a few Rhode Island Reds and have been impressed by each of them. My favorite hen, Chick Chick, would go for walks with me down by the creek. She also liked to sit on the shelf outside my front window and stare inside at me as if to say, I want to be in the big hen house with you! Every day she would come into my garage and lay one beautiful brown egg in a box of rags I kept under my workbench. I think they are a good looking chicken and a lot of fun to have.


This breed is one of the best breeds in our history of keeping chickens, nice on the eye and fabulous egg production (for a pure bred). My birds are exceptionally friendly. Only thing to look out for is the rich deep red colouring (not brown)

chalk&cheese - Durham,

I have two rir in my small flock mabel is the friendliest hen you could ever wish to keep, her sister lena, short for evillena is the devil reincarnated, such a unfriendly girl.dont know where we went wrong with her, but we live in hope that she can change.

beautiful chicken -

I've got a big rhode island red rooster very loving and friendly. I can't live without him. He's my morning alarm clock.


Wonderful Hens -

I had two lovely Rhode Island Reds a few years ago. They laid almost everyday and occasionally even laid double yolk egg. Excellent egg birds. They are also very friendly and docile. They came when called and did not mind being handled. They did like to eat tomatoes off the vines in the garden but otherwise caused no trouble. One of the best breeds I have ever raised.


love these birds! i have 6 and they're very friendly! even the roosters arent too mean! im so glad i got them!

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