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Silkies are the best - Heidi, South Glos,

We’ve had a few different breeds but silkies are undoubtedly my favourite.. my dad wanted chickens again after we lost our last hens a few years ago so I surprised him with 2 silkie hens.. Egwina and Bailey.. they are so funny and are very interested in everything you’re doing. Since then we’ve had a few more silkies and they’ve never been any trouble! Great with the dogs and kids aswell as being great sitters on their eggs.

I like chickens - Lucy,

I really love chickens especially mini alpacas

Silkies - Ellie,

Silkies are very friendly and great with kids, they look so cute and funny, but their feathers are not waterproof as with other breeds, so need adequate shelter from rain.

Got given a silkie cockerel &3hens - Andrea,

The funniest chickens ever love them to bits, been reading msg's about them & am very surprised my hens are laying most days ! Thinking I may have a go at hatching some as Mr silkie keeping very active !

cute - Damian,

They are so friendly my two pet Silkies they don't even mind being picked up! There egg production is not good but as I got them for pets I'm not really bothered anyway. I have found that they will NOT perch on the roosting bars and will only sleep together in a nest box so I took the divider out and have it as one big nest box which they sleep together in. They will also never be without one anther and are sad if they are apart!

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