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amazing chicken - Clancy,

great breed for sub tropics, best chicken in the world!

I need SULTAN Bird - Syed,

Hiii I would like to buy Sultan if any body has please contact me on whatsapp +923102886939 I have Birds export license in Pakistan so feel free to contact me Thanks

- Aquilo,

Hi I’m looking for sultan eggs I would like to breed them and enter them into the Adelaide show if no one has them could you please give me the name of a breeder.

Best Climate for Sultan - Jan,

I have a couple of Sultans and i love them. Sally is actually my best friend. I can pick her up and hold her for long periods and we talk. She also runs to me when she see me. The other Sultan is somewhat younger and i believe to be a male, and he is very trusting and is almost as wonderful. My question is.....can these chickens stand 20-30 degree temps at night? I had one die in the heat at about 100 degrees for a few days even though he had shade. I thought they were heat hardy, but i guess not.

Love this breed - Paula,

This is a great bird. I have a rooster and two hens. The hens love attention and affection. The rooster is a little devil at times but he's a rooster. I got these birds because they are so beautiful but mine are not as pristine and white as the picture. They love to roll in the dirt and mud. My pretty white chickens are now covered in dirt all the time. I still love this little breed and would have considered a different enclosure if I had known they would do this. I read others statements about poor foraging. Mine eat anything and forage very well. I have found that they love watermelon rind as a treat. They are poor egg layers, one per day, maybe. They will not sit on a nest, so no babies yet. I would recommend this breed for pets but be leery of a rooster with the girls.

Wonderful Bird! - Meridie,

We have a Sultan roo named Chipper. He is super friendly and intelligent. I read above that Sultans are not good foragers. I have to disagree! Chipper will often skip his breakfast feed preferring to scratch for worms. My husband actually showed him where to find the worms and when I'm out in the chicken yard raking or cleaning things up Chipper follows me around waiting for me to turn over a rock or log for him to scavenge under. When I don't notice him waiting or when he gets impatient for me to turn over that rock he pecks at me or nips at my hands. We adore the little guy!

Must have - Maureen,

very friendly, look good. My girls went Brodie than gave up before hatching. Eggs in the incui and hatched a pair. Boys can be a bit load.

Awesome - Daniel,

Best chicken ever love the cutiness and the crest

Lovely little birds! - Amy,

I hatched a cuckoo sultan hen out of some mixed eggs, and was absolutely thrilled. She's now 16 weeks, so I can't comment on her laying abilities, but she's they loveliest little bird I have! I'd love some more to put with her as she's currently residing with silkies. She's never ever bullied any chicks that have moved from brooder to pen and I'm so proud of her. If anyone is selling any hatching eggs, any colour, I'd love to buy some to keep this gorgeous breed going.

Best chickens - Justin,

They are the best show chickens to have in your yard. Also, they are very calm.

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