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I have three bantam light Sussex that are 10 week old and one of them is is dropping a yellow stuff not to sure wot it is it looks a bit like York wot could it be

These Chickens are Awesome. -

I have a pair of Bantam Light Sussex and they one of the best breeds ever. Mary, the female, hasn't laid any eggs yet since it is winter but when I brought a silkie pullet, she adopted it as if it was her own chick. I wasn't sure if the rooster would take to the chick as the hen did but he also became protective of the chick and now no other roosters are allowed near the hens. These chickens are also very friendly towards people and little children and i hope to have more in the spring.

Excellent for the garden -

Excellent layers, great mothers. I bought a trio that didn't make the show grade, however to my family they are priceless now, i paid £20 for them! This year we've had 19 chicks off the two hens, who were superb in brooding their young. The eggs also taste delicious, i'd say two Bantam eggs make up one 'normal' size egg. The chicks have gone to friends and family who want to get into chicken keeping and they are a good hardy starter bird. Of the two hens we would usually get about 10 eggs a week which is more than enough for a family of four.

Very good in general. -

I have 2 bantam sussex hens, one is a golden honey colour and the other is white. They are both very hardy birds as they survived 2 winters. I have a normal sized speckled sussex rooster, he tries his best to protect the hens from other animals, but he is friendly around humans.


Our little sussex bantam hens are an extremely broody pair we are currently trying to hatch some frizzles using them as surrogate mothers with just a week to go chalk and cheese are still sat diligently in their clutch, will edit post next week and let you know how they are getting on.

Sussex Bantam -

At the moment we only have one of this breed she is called penny and comes when we call her name. She loves watching tv sat on my lap. We are in the far north of scotland and she doesn't mind the cold. She loves brocolli, and before anyone says it I know chickens should only be outside but this one loves coming in the house. The rest of the flock come nowhere near us unless we are handing out mealworms.

Best Breed To Keep As Family Pet, Egg Layer and For Appearance -

We keep Sussex bantams in the following colours: Red. Light, White, Silver, Buff, Speckled, Brown and soon Coronation. All purebred and wonderful birds which make great family friends with top egg production, all year round.

Sussex Bantam -

Lovely colored bird and very tame.

Lovely Birds -

We have 5 different breeds, kept as pets, a silver dorking, a partridge leghorn, a wells summer, a golden silkie, and two sussex bantams. The sussex are so gentle and affectionate, and having the free run of the garden, they come right up to the back door for a cuddle and a treat. If we were to start again we would have had more sussex bantams. They are fantastic little birds.

Lovely birds!! -

We currently have 5 Light Sussex bantams. Raised from hatch, they are wonderfully tame. Very easy to care for, very attractive and excellent layers. Would definitely recommend for smaller gardens and for families with children.

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