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My First chickens! - Heidi,

I rescued 1 chick that had a broken leg. Took one more for company. These were free roaming from a hoarding neighbors overflow. Thankfully they were both hens. Pretty birds with great personalities. Although not super friendly, they are very curious. I keep them out in the yard during the day and in a large coop at night. They are very happy! They did fly over to the neighbors yard a couple times when I first started letting them out, but now are very comfortable just foraging in the yard. Don't bother the plants at all. Get along with the dogs and cats. Wouldn't say they are great layers. Mine do get broody once in awhile. They are very good mommas! All in all great backyard chickens to enjoy!

These are the greatese birds G-d ever created. - Marvin,

If you want a beautiful bird then look no father than than these birds here. Each different type of bird in the Old English Game Chickens is beautiful not too many other breeds can match them bird for bird.

I can't believe they're "fighting" birds - Jillian,

I accidentally got the bantam version at an auction. What a happy accident! They are by far my favorite chicken breed. They are so friendly and adorable. They fly up on my lap and shoulder all the time. They always makes sounds like their laughing. I am now breeding them!

- Dwight,

Good overall bird

Love this breed - Ruth,

I have had hens and cockerals and all have been lovely, super tame and excellent mothers. They are brilliant foragers and my hens lay everyday even during the winter months. The only problem I have found is finding some for sale. If anyone has any for sale, I would love a couple more hens to add to my chicken family. Please email me

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