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Akita Dogs

An adult akita with lovely brown eyes and pointy ears A happy young akita sitting with his tongue out An adult akita showing off his big paws and lovely sandy coat An adult akita with a lovely thick coat lying down An adult akita with pricked ears and a cute wet nose A beautiful adult akita sitting out on the patio A beautiful akita with a thick fluffy coat A fox like akita with a big pink tongue A powerful looking akita with a fantastically curled bushy tail An adult akita with a lovely wooly coat

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Akitas have a bold and protective temperament. They are devoted and protective of family which makes them suspicious of strangers. This can be helped with early socialisation although the Akita is particularly difficult to read and may become aggressive to other dogs at a moments notice. This means they always need to be watched and must be given sufficient training to be manageable.

Health Problems

Health problems that may affect Akitas include canine hip dysplasia (CHD), luxating patella (dislocation of the kneecap), elbow dysplasia, autoimmune disease, cancer, bloat, eye diseases, epilepsy and blood clotting disease.

Breed Details

  • Status: Common
  • Life Expectancy: 10 - 12 years
  • Weight: 42 - 66 kg
  • Rare: No
  • Coat: Short
  • Grooming Requirements: Once a week
  • Town or Country: Either
  • Minimum Home Size: Large House
  • Minimum Garden Size: Large Garden
  • Breed Type: Companion Dog
  • Size: Large
  • Energy Level: High
  • Exercise Required: Over 2 hours

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Cisco loves his new sister!
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Brilliant dog if you know what you are doing - Russ,

The Akita is a fantastic breed if you want something that is so removed from a normal dog it could be called something else. I have had four Akita's male and female, after a life time of owning many dogs of many breeds. Akita's quickly became my favourite. In some ways they are more like a cat, disliking water and getting wet ,very alert very protective, even of my parrots who they guarded when out of their cage. It is wrong to say as some do they are very active, Akitas were bred as guard dogs and as such will lie in an open doorway and watch what's going on responding if they detect a threat.