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Lovely family dogs - Nick,

We had two over last 20 years and they are perfect family pet. Good and loyal friends of the family. Very clever and funny. Like to dig if have opportunity. Will come with you everywhere. Like the kayak, boats long hard walks and will run for miles. Hardy dogs. Love camping snuggling up. They read your face and learn what clothes me you are going to do like a walk run or go work yes they know. Friends with cars but will chase if they run. Perfect

SFT x pointer crossbreed - Janet,

My first dog was a SFT x Pointer, she lived to be 15, was massively energetic and didn’t tolerate any other dogs as l lived in a rural area and she didn’t socialise early. She would never learn recall and would incessantly chase hares! I used to cycle with her on the lead or walk through the woods to the beach and she loved swimming and would insist on dragging the biggest tree branch all the way home then leave it outside the gate! She could easily leap a 6 foot fence and would greet me from the school bus by waiting in the bus shelter having legged it out of the garden every day! A fabulous terrier who chased everything and would be hard work for anyone wanting a quiet or placid dog! A very good looking lady she was black white and spotted. You cannot tire this breed out, whatsoever, ever, an extremely loyal dog, aggressive towards all other dogs and furries, not suitable with small animals and other dogs.