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A fun packed friend. - Jan,

I was brought up with 'wires', in fact i learnt to walk hanging onto the curly coat of one.They will be very protective of THEIR family, even snarling at a stranger approaching the pram, that dog stopped a burglar, and was found sitting in the doorway of a jemmied open front door, laughing, but the flat was untouched. I have found they are better when bought up with children, so they are more tolerant of being dressed up, and mauled about.My current dog is elderly and tells my grandchildren off if they wake her up.My Mabel is 13 1/2 now and blind, but still loves her walks, and till a few years ago regularly killed all the mice in the compost bin.Great at games, hide and seek and agility, a great sense of humour, jumping on the tummy of sleeping dads. They need a garden, not a lap dog, sweet when puppies, but don't be fooled, they are Duracell bunnies in disguise and never boring.

Fabulous Family Dog - Tanya,

Our foxie is 6 years old now and is very true to the description given above. He is a source of endless enjoyment and very much part of the family. He travels with us abroad, as long as he has a lap to sit on or a body to lean against he is very happy in the car on long journeys. Our youngest was 8 when the dog arrived and they have always been great buddies. I would imagine that for a smaller child the breed could be overwhelming as on his hind legs ours is as tall and very lively!