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Greys -

Greys are the best!

Greyhounds Rock! -

My greyhound Mrs Flannel (Flanny for short) is such a kind natured dog. She's really friendly with children and the elderly gents. We started obedience lessons early and it really paid off. She can also stand on her two back feet and can hop on demand!

A cracking breed with plenty of love to give -

I've two greyhounds Desmond-Cheese and Panthermonkey (one word). Both have great temperaments and are fairly easy to train. Panthermonkey can walk on her back legs and Desmon-Cheese can say the word Cheese (Hence her name). They don't malt too much and take well with children and elderly. Both have their own kind personality. Desmond-Cheese love nothing more than being sat by the fire for hours on end. As puppies they are quite delicate and are prone to leg injuries.

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