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Brilliant -

My Irish is 7 years old he is the best trained dog I have ever owned . He loves to please and follows me everywhere. He as never had a days illness in his life. He does however dribble when excited,when people fuss him on arrival. He is remarkable with children,however taken a dislike to German shepherds (no idea why) placing him on the lead when one approaches combats this. He is a family dog, and a fantastic watch dog He sounds aggressive but defiantly not.

Our irish terrier is a feisty, opinionated member of our household. -

We have had our Irish for four years, she is very loyal, because of her coat, which we only strip twice a year, she is clean. She loves to swim and be in the field with the horse. She has a trapped sciatic nerve and various ailments so I cannot agree that they have few illnesses. She is a fantastic dog around children and enjoys playing a doggy day care at least once a week where she happily runs with up to 60 other dogs.