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Brilliant dog if you know what you are doing - Russ,

I agree with the two reviews already listed ,but can i just point out that we in the UK dont think twice about eating a cow or a lamb. Think about the French who eat horses how would we feel about that? I too have two Jindo rescued from the meat trade one disabled.

- Miranda,

Well said, Sarah. I have two Korean Jindo dogs, one of whom is from the Dog Meat Trade in South Korea. I live in the UK. I find it hypocritical that South Korea, lists the Jindo dog as one of its National Treasures, whilst at the same time the Government allows them to be tortured and eaten, along with many other breeds of dogs, and cats too. This article is inaccurate in many ways!

Your Jindo Description - Sarah,

The fact that Jindo's are the main breed of dog eaten in Korea should be pointed out. They are adoptable from several rescues that have closed down dog meat farms ans slaughterhouses.